Thursday, 17 March 2011


deep books are delighted to announce that 3 World Wisdom titles and a Findhorn Press title have been nominated for the Book of the Year by Foreword Magazine. 

Living in Two Worlds Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa), Edited by Michael Oren Fitzgerald, was nominated for TWO categories: 2010 Finalist in History  AND  Social Science Category
Men of a Single Book by Matues Soares De Azevedo and  Introduction to Sufism by Eric Geoffroy were both nominated as 2010 Finalists in the Religion Category

Findhorn Press' The Confident Creative by  Cat Bennett is a 2010 Finalists in the Self-Help Category

Award winners will be announced in June 2011

Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind
Cat Bennett
Isbn: 978-18440-91850   £8.99   Paperback

The CONFIDENT CREATIVE shows how the practice of drawing can unblock creativity and create confidence. Drawing brings us fully into the present moment where we connect with peace when we open to inspiration and creativity. Through the yogic technique of one-pointed focus, observing the mind and changing our energy to the positive, we learn to overcome creative blocks with ease and make quantum leaps in our art and lives. Other drawing books focus on the end  product, this one focuses on how drawing can bring us into our true creative selves. 
Cat Bennett has been a professional illustrator for over twenty-five years with clients such as The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Time magazine, Harcourt Brace, Houghton Mifflin and many others. She teaches drawing as a way to meet the true creative self within.

The American Indian Experience
Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)
Edited by Michael Oren Fitzgerald
Isbn: 978-19333-16765   £21.00   Paperback

LIVING IN TWO WORLDS is Charles Eastman's (Ohiyesa) compelling story of embracing a life of traditional cultural ideals of his nomadic ancestors while living in the modern industrialised world. Eastman (1858-1939) was the first and greatest of the Native American authors and the most widely celebrated spokesman of all Native Americans during the first decades of the twentieth century. His life's story gained prominence when the 2007 HBO film entitled “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” used Eastman, played by Adam Beach, as its leading hero. Born in a buffalo-hide tipi in 1858, Eastman was raised as a traditional Sioux Indian as a youth, but was catapulted into the dominant white society of his time, becoming a medical doctor who cared for wounded Indians after the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee.  He personally knew paragons of his race that included Red Cloud, Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph and, also, became a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. for the Sioux tribe. This book includes selections   from five of Eastman's most important books 

Fundamentalism in Islam, Christianity, and Modern Thought
Mateus Soares de Azevedo
Isbn: 978-19354-93181   £16.99   Paperback

The term fundamentalism often conjures up images of militant extremists such as the Taliban or Al-Qaeda or the excesses of the Christian right. But what if the term “fundamentalism” could apply more broadly to include other religions and secular perspectives as well? If “fundamentalism” can be described as the passionate and emotional attachment to a particular point of view combined with a vehement rejection of all others, then it can be applied equally to Marxism, Darwinism and numerous religious conflicts throughout the globe.

In this groundbreaking work, Brazilian journalist, Azevedo, presents a frank and objective account of a phenomenon that has become one of the main social, political and religious topics of the 21st century. 

The Inner Path of Islam
Éric Geoffroy 
Isbn: 978-19354-93105   £15.99   Paperback

In this introductory, yet comprehensive book, Éric Geoffroy explains that Sufism is the inner dimension of Islam and has its source in the Koran and in the life and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Geoffroy discusses how Sufism was formed and how great masters have adapted its initiatic doctrines and practices to changing conditions within the Muslim world. Surveying the history of Sufism, this book covers its earliest days up until our own times and addresses Sufism's uneasy relationship with various forms of fundamentalism. Replete with many sayings from various Sufis throughout the ages, including Ibn Arabi, Rumi, Hallaj and Ghazali, this book uniquely presents Sufism “as it is lived” by highlighting the importance of the spiritual master, the method, rites and conduct in daily life, as well as the role of the feminine in Sufism. This is Dr. Geoffroy's first book to be translated into English in its entirety.

Translated and with a Foreword by Roger Gaetani

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


978-16016-30667  £14.99   Paperback
It never ceases to amaze me how books that have been around for a while keep coming back into our top 50 best selling titles.
WITNESS TO ROSWELL is one of those titles.
 Maybe the fact that this book, now fully revised, is full of even more hard-hitting eyewitness testimony of one of the most important events of all time: the actual recovery of a UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. For more than 60 years, the US authorities have led us to believe the wreckage was merely a very conventional weather balloon-but the witnesses who were there continue to tell a different story.

£14.99 worth of UFO heaven!

978-15914-31213   £19.99  Hardback
Another title of note, THERE WERE GIANTS UPON THE EARTH published in the Autumn of 2010, continues to impress and is a fitting tribute to its author Zecharia Sitchin who lived long enough to see it published.. but only just! Sitchin passed away on October 9th 2010 leaving behind a legacy of fantastic writing and worldwide sales in the millions. His final book pulls together the strands from many of his previous books, culminating in the demand to have a DNA test performed on a mummy currently residing in the Natural History Museum in London, goddess Puabi (discovered at the Royal Tombs of Ur) in order to compare her genome to ours. As revealed in Zecharia Sitchin's new book Puabi is a direct descendant of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. If tested, her bones could reveal the DNA differences that represent our genetic Missing Link - that small but crucial group of “alien genes” that upgraded us from wild Hominids to modern man some 300,000 years ago.

978-15854-28205   £14.99   Paperback
...and finally, sticking to a similar theme, a book that I saw rushing out the door of our warehouse in the arms of a tall thin green man better known as Dave (not green, tall or thin to be really accurate) is WONDERS IN THE SKY.

In WONDERS IN THE SKY, respected researchers Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck examine more than 500 selected reports of sightings from biblical-age antiquity to the year 1879 - the point at which the Industrial Revolution deeply changed the nature of human society and the skies began to open to airplanes, dirigibles, rockets and other opportunities for misinterpretation represented by military prototypes. Using vivid and engaging case studies and more than seventy-five illustrations, they reveal that unidentified flying objects have had a major impact not only on popular culture but on our history, on our religion and on the models of the world humanity has formed from deepest antiquity.
Sure to become a UFO classic!