Friday, 2 September 2011

Inventions, Beliefs, and Artistic Anomalies That Were Impossibly Ahead of Their Time

Lamont Wood

There are paintings from the Middle Ages with helicopters and UFOs. We've found Ancient Greek Computers and heard stories of Roman Death Rays. The Pacific Front of World War 2 was described 16 years before it started. There are many examples of items and artefacts showing up decades and centuries before they could possibly have been invented.

The existence and documentation of these and many other things impossibly ahead of their time are beyond dispute. OUT OF PLACE IN TIME AND SPACE delves deeply into these impossibilities, showcasing:

· Objects, beliefs and practices from the present that appear long
before they could have been invented in the past.
· Items and art that we haven't even created yet turning up in the
past paintings and artifacts that we only now are able to recognise.
· Roman-era war engines that were hundreds of years ahead of their
· UFOs, never officially documented in any time period, yet still
showing up in mediaeval paintings.

OUT OF PLACE IN TIME AND SPACE explores these anachronistic artefacts and looks for explanations. Sometimes we can understand where they came from and sometimes we cannot. But, taken together, these enigmas indicate that we are surrounded by evidence that history - and perhaps time itself - is not as straightforward as we have believed.

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