Friday, 23 March 2012


With the upsurge in TV programmes on the Planets, the Universe and all things wonderful and the fact that Venus is going to be transiting the sun for the second and final time in a 243 year cycle on June 6th 2012 (the first in this cycle being on June 8th 2004), it makes sense to highlight a new book by Laird Scranton on the controversial Immanuel Velikovsky. Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision introduced the provocative theory that Venus began as a brilliant comet ejected by Jupiter around 1600 BCE, wreaking chaos on Mars and Earth as it roamed through our solar system prior to settling into its current orbit.

This new book provides the following:

-New evidence from recent space probe missions to support Velikovsky's theories on the formation of Venus
-Presents recently translated ancient texts from China, Korea and Japan that uphold the comet-like descriptions of Venus cited by Velikovsky
-Examines evidence of major geomagnetic events in 1500 BCE and 750 BCE that correspond with close passes of the comet Venus and its impact with Mars
-Worlds in Collision was the one book found open on Albert Einstein's desk at the time of his death.

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Friday, 16 March 2012

Lee Jampolsky tells it how it should be.


978-15717-46641 £15.99 Pb
Discover the Silver Lining in Life's Toughest Health Challenges
Dr. Lee Jampolsky

At some point in life, most of us will face health problems of some kind. Whether it's chronic back pain, the stiffness and pain of rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain from CFIDS or MS or any number of other causes, as we age our bodies often stop doing what they used to do with ease. 
Well-known psychologist, Lee Jampolsky, discusses his personal health problems, from spending months in a body cast as a young man to going deaf from an autoimmune disease. He shows how learning to alter our thoughts and beliefs about our health is key to our physical well-being. The book features concepts that explain how to:
- Empower Yourself for Healing
- Deal with the News and Move On
- The Three Primary Fears During a Health Problem
- Three New Health-Enhancing Beliefs
- Learn how to ask for help
- Let go of what holds you back from health
- Use Guidelines for Trusting and Following Wisdom Contemplation 
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Friday, 9 March 2012


In her inimitable style, teacher, coach and writer, Mary Anne Radmacher shows how ordinary things can make life richer and sweeter. Part art, part self-help, part inspiration, HONEY IN YOUR HEART begins by counting the attributes of honey - in food, medicine and metaphor. She invites readers to make a practice of adding honey in their everyday lives, of searching out and noticing the "YAY!" in everyday.

HONEY IN YOUR HEART is filled with simple reminders to connect readers to their own rich and poignant daily experience and live a more joyful and inspired life. Radmacher's lively original art and signature lettering make this book a wonderful reminder of the richness of life.

978-15732-44794  Hardback  96pp  £15.99
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