Tuesday, 23 October 2012


How to Think Less for Serenity and Success.
by Sandy C. Newbiggin

(Sandy is a meditation teacher and the creator of the Mind Detox Method) 

978-18440-96039 Paperback  208pp  £9.99

"If you want to remain calm amidst the stress of modern life – this is the book you're looking for. A clear, practical and wonderfully approachable guide to something we all need more of these days… peace of mind." - Timothy Freke, best-selling author of The Mystery Experience

Positing that excessive thinking is stressful for the body and can cause unwanted physical conditions, this informative book offers methods to create more peace of mind and happiness by using less thought. 

Accessible and practical exercises are provided for putting focus on the context of one's mind rather than working to change the content. Rather than change perceptions or attitudes about life, readers are asked to rise above beliefs to experience the real self—beyond concepts of good or bad—and the peace that accompanies it. 

Bridging the gap between serenity and success, this enlightening guide depicts the mind as a tool to be picked up and used as required and then put away when it's no longer needed, allowing for improvements in relationships, creativity and intuitive-decision making.